A Spring Field Trip includes:

  • Educational Strawberry Experience
  • Each child picks a pint of strawberries
  • Honey Bee Encounter
  • Sample of Local Honey
  • Wagon Tour of the Farm
  • Up-Close Educational Encounter with Farm Animals
  • Pig Race
  • Tour of Animal Barn
  • Giant Playground
  • Cup of Strawberry Lemonade
  • Coloring Book
  • Combine Playground
  • Large Picnic Area For Lunch!


 The Details

  • Field Trip is $12 Per Child
  • Two Teachers Come Free Per Class of 20
  • Parents and Siblings are $12/each
  • There are approximately 8 stations that the children will rotate through- We will organize it so that each class visits all stations.
  • Arrive between 9:00-10:00 at our Ashburn Location (look for our parking lot attendants for instructions)
  • It takes around two hours for one class to rotate through all stations.
  • After you finish the activities, we invite you to eat lunch at the picnic areas Teachers, and parents are more than welcome to order lunch once they arrive if they wish to eat lunch at our deli.


Cancellation Policy

  • It is the teacher or coordinators responsibility to cancel the field trip of an emergency or due to inclement weather conditions. If cancelling because of weather we do advise you to wait until that morning to make a decision. Just let Calhoun Produce know by 7:30 the morning of your field trip. Please contact us by calling at (229)273-1887 or emailing us at calhounproduce1887@gmail.com and we can try to get you rescheduled.



“Calhoun Produce is awesome. I went on a field trip there with my daughter. We went on the hay ride, where you get to see lots of animals, we saw a pig race, and we went through the huge corn maze. Our guide was great and kept the kids’ attention the whole time, and they also have a deli and lots of unique other food items available to buy. All in all, it’s a great place to go as a family or a couple.” 

–John D